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Liberty Village

Liberty Village

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Liberty Village,  an urban mecca for young professionals, combines residential, commercial, and retail, into a single 43- acre locale. 


Red brick Victorian industrial buildings, featured in this design,  have been re-purposed as lofts, restaurants, gyms, furniture stores and galleries.


Historically, prior to the 1600's, archeological findings suggest that the area was inhabited by a number of indigenous peoples, including the Wendat (Huron), Anishinaabek, and others.


In the 1700s the area was a military fortification for the Town of York ( later Toronto). In the 1850s, railway tracks laid across the area, cut it off from rest of the city, thwarting plans for residential  development, and ushering in an era of industrial manufacturing.


In the 1870's Liberty Village was the site of Toronto’s Central Prison and Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women, which is how the area got its name, as inmates freed from these institutions enjoyed their first taste of 'Liberty' upon release into the Village.  Thus the name "Liberty Village."


In the early 2000's the area began it's transformation to the multi-purpose residential neighbourhood we enjoy today.

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