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Port Carling

Port Carling

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Port Carling, located on the Indian River, with a set of locks joining Lake Muskoka and Lake Rosseau is a perfect spot for boat watching.


First Nations, dating back over 10,000 years, including the Anishinaabeg inhabited this area. Muskoka is named after the Anishinaabeg chief of the 1850's, Chief Yellowhead or Mesqua Ukie or Musquakie, who used the area as a hunting grounds. Port Carling, then called Obajewanung was also inhabited by the Ojibwa tribe


In 1869 the savvy postmaster Benjamin Johnston named the town after John Carling, the Ontario Minister of Public Works, and supporter of the locks. The locks were completed in 1871 launching an economic boom in the area fuelled by tourism and logging.


Current day Port Carling, or ‘Hub of the Lakes’ as it is aptly nicknamed, is loaded with restaurants, shops, galleries, the Muskoka Lakes Museum, and the Port Carling Wall, a large scale photo mosaic of 9,028 pictures that together create the image of the RMS Sagamo passing through the Port Carling locks.


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