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Oakville #4 (Pier Lighthouse)

Oakville #4 (Pier Lighthouse)

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Oakville, Ontario’s largest town (2021 Census), is located in the Halton region, between Toronto and Hamilton.


With both close access to Toronto, and its small town vibe, it’s no wonder Oakville was voted the overall best place to live in Canada and the best place for New Canadians (2018, Money Sense).


The Oakville Harbour Pier with its red capped lighthouse, featured in this design, offers an insight into how critical the harbour and pier was in the formation of Oakville. William Chisholm made the construction of the Pier one of his first projects on route to making Oakville a viable townsite in 1830.


A military road survey in 1793 began the European settlement, and by 1807 British immigrants were moving in along Dundas Street, and on the shore of Lake Ontario.


In 1834, the Sixteen Mile Creek harbour was considered a Port of Entry to the United States, which attracted various businesses, like manufacturing, grain storage and ship building.


First Nations, dating back over 10,000 years, including the Ojibway, Anishinaabe, and Wendat inhabited this area, particularly along the Bronte River, with later migration to the shores of Lake Ontario.


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