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Meaford, located on Georgian Bay in the heart of apple country, is a charming harbour community with much in the way of recreation and culture.


Best known for its many apple orchards, highlighted in this design, Meaford offers the ideal conditions for apple growers, and is of course a key stop on the Apple Pie Trail.


What you may not know about Meaford is that it hosts one of the most popular summer film festivals around. The Meaford International Film Festival (MIIF) has been delighting film buffs of all ages since 2007.


First Nations, dating back over 10,000 years, including the Ojibway and Wendat inhabited this area.


Meaford was first surveyed in 1833 and named “Zero”. By 1840, when David Miller, the first settler arrived it had been renamed to St. Vincent. Miller renamed the area Peggy’s Landing after his wife. In 1845 the government named the settlement Meaford.


In 1892 Margaret Marshall Saunders came to Meaford and wrote Beautiful Joe; a novel with over 7 million copies sold, about a dog rescued from a cruel owner. The dog, made famous by the novel is buried in Beautiful Joe Park.


Disney fans will recognize Meaford as one of the locations used in One Magic Christmas.


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