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Long Branch

Long Branch

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Long Branch, a thriving community on the shore of Lake Ontario, is sometimes refered to as the western frontier of Toronto. 


Long Branch is home to Marie Curtis Park and Beach, featured in this design, and situated on Etobicoke Creek, where, in 1797, Col. Sam Smith, one of the first settlers of the area, was granted the surounding land and built his cabin, whih survived to 1950. 


The area remained rural until the 1880's, when it became a summer resort, complete with its own luxury hotel, the Long Branch Hotel (1887), where visitors would come to stroll the shoreline, tan, swim, ride bicycles, and eat fine food, much as residents and visitors do today.


Music fans and 1980's TV fans, will recognize Long Branch, as the location of Degrassi Junior High, without which we might not have had Degrassi: Next Generation, and the launch of one of the worlds most famous recording artists 'Drake' (Jimmy Brooks in the series).


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