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Huntsville, known for its hundreds of freshwater lakes and granite outcroppings, is located in Muskoka.


First Nations, dating back over 10,000 years, including the Anishinaabeg inhabited this area.


In 1869 George Hunt built an agricultural centre, and later in 1870 became the first postmaster and town's namesake.


Huntsville started to develop in 1877 when a water route from Port Sydney opened, and later in 1885 when a railway route from Gravenhurst was built, and ultimately resulted in the town's official incorporation in 1886.


The Huntsville Swing Bridge, featured in this design, was built in 1889, and would swing open to allow steam ships to pass. Although no longer functional it is an  important part of Huntsville's heritage.


Huntsville, the largest Muskoka town by population, is now a world recognized tourist destination, and was ranked by the Toronto Star (2011) as the #1 place to take a summer trip.



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