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Christie Pits

Christie Pits

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Christie Pits is one of Toronto’s most vibrant multicultural neighbourhoods. It has historically been a transitional home for immigrants upon their arrival to Toronto. However, as Christie Pits continues to mature and prosper, more people are choosing to stay here rather than move to the suburbs. It is located at 750 Bloor Street West at Christie Street, just west of the Toronto Transit Commission's Christie subway station. 


The park was named after the Christie Sand Pits which were on the location until the early 1900s. The sides of the pits are highly sloped, as a result of which most of the area of the park sits well below street level.


Earliest possible inhabitants of this locale were The Clovis people .11000 BC, the precursors of most of North America’s Indigenous people.


Yep, you read that right - 11000 BC ! 


One piece of archeological evidence is the bones of mastodons, the elephant-like animals that the Clovis  most likely hunted, were  found near Christie Pits.



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