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Bala, located at the west end of Lake Muskoka in Muskoka cottage country, is considered the Cranberry Capital of Ontario, as it is home to Ontario’s largest cranberry farms and wineries. Yes, you can make wine from cranberries!


With over 2.1 million visitors annually, it is no wonder Muskoka (aka Cottage Country), was ranked #1 for best trips by National Geographic (2011), and the #1 most searched Canadian destination for vacation rentals (2017).


For over 10,000 years, First Nations, including the Anishinaabeg inhabited this area.


Muskoka is named after the Chippawa First Nations chief of the 1850's, Chief Yellowhead or Mesqua Ukie or Musquakie, who used the area as a hunting grounds.


Bala was settled in 1868 by Thomas Burgess, who opened a sawmill and store, and named the town Bala after the town of Bala in Wales with which it is officially twinned.


Bala is well known for Bala falls the source of the Moon River, which flows from Lake Muskoka to the Georgian Bay.


Don't miss The KEE to Bala (built as Dunn's Pavilion in 1930), the popular concert venue "Where All of Muskoka Dances." 

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