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Baby Point

Baby Point

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Baby Point, pronounced "Babby" Point (rhyming with tabby), surrounded by ravine and parkland, is not only one of the prettiest locales in Toronto, it is also regarded as an Archaeological Site of Provincial significance.


The Baby Point stone gates at the intersection of Jane Street and Baby Point Road, featured in this design, mark the entrance to the Baby Point enclave. 


Baby Point was at one time an Iroquois village, called Teiaiagon (a Mohawk / Seneca word meaning "It crosses the river") with a population of 5000. 


The neck of the peninsula of Baby Point, the traditional territory of many first nations, is traversed by an ancient aboriginal trail, dating  back over 4000 years.


The prehistoric Paleoamerican Clovis Burial Mound, and Indigenous Thunderbird Burial Mound sites date back to 8000 BCE and can be visited in Magwood forest.


In 1816, lawyer/politician James Baby bought the land from the Upper Canada government, establishing an oasis of lush apple orchards, amid this natural paradise, even bottling the local spring water and shipping it around the world.


In 1910, the land was bought by the government, and later in 1912 resold to developer Robert Home Smith, who began the development process reflected in the neighbourhood we see today.

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